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Foodservice Products

Our comprehensive product catalog meets all your food packaging needs for table and delivery services


Retail Products

A complete line of compostable retail products perfectto serve guests at your next event, party or for everydayuse.

Bring your ideas to life

Products Customization

Whether embossing or printing,  we’ll help you connectwith your client and make your brand shine! 

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Become a distributor

Invest in a leading brand and generate profit while taking care of the planet


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Unique, proprietary and sustainable that connects with your customers and allows your brand to shine.

Today WECARE for tomorrow

Let's bring your business ideas to life.Together, we can make a significant contributionto a better future for our planet, one eco-friendly packaging solution at a time. 

We ensure that every material we use is renewable and environmentally responsible.From natural fiber-based products to eco-friendly polymers, we have the right product forevery occasion. 

Contenido desplegable


The extraction of bamboo and sugarcane produces a fibrous material known as bagasse. ​

Bagasse products come in two colors: brown (unbleached) or white (bleached). 


Paper coated with PLA

We ensure that our paper supplies come from FSC-certified sustainable forests.​

PLA laminate provides a liquid-resistant coating. 


Unique natural texture and elegant look, free from BPA, chemicals andbleach. Our birchwood products are sourced from sustainable FSC certifiedforests. 

PLA - Polylactic acid

Polylactic acid or polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer made up of lactic acid molecules that arises from the extraction of glucose and dextrose from starch, derived from vegetable origin, providing the special quality of visual transparency and in turn being a biodegradable material - compostable.



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