What are biodegradable and compostable disposable products?

What are biodegradable and compostable disposable products?

There have been many conversations recently about biodegradables and compostable products, but do we know what these disposables are made of? Are they any better than conventional plastics? 

Caring for the environment is a growing trend, not only among younger generations. The responsible consumption of these products is still uncertain since many of us continue to associate the word biodegradable with 'expensive' or 'not very sturdy' containers and tableware. However, a wide variety of options are available, ranging in quality, temperature resistance, and ease of handling for delivery and food conservation. Choosing biodegradable and compostable products not only helps reduce waste and pollution but also promotes a healthier lifestyle by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals found in conventional plastics.   

We Care® offers a range of ecological materials used to produce various products.. Each of these materials has specific attributes targeting different benefits and price ranges. 

Let's delve into the world of eco-friendly materials that are used to create our disposable products. First, we have wheat straw bagasse, a material composed of natural fibers extracted from wheat pulp during its fermentation process. The visual finish on products made with this material is brown, a color that symbolizes sustainability. Then, there's sugarcane bagasse, a natural raw material left over from the extraction of sugarcane. This material contains 60% plant fibers and 40% water. Its easy molding allows for creating various products that can withstand high and low temperatures, works in synergy with liquids as it does not absorb moisture, and provides tight sealing that avoids leakage. These materials are not just eco-friendly, they're also high-performing, giving you the confidence that you're making a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.  

A composite material combining recycled paper and PLA laminate is used to produce Paper coated with PLA cups. This material is obtained from the extraction of dextrose and glucose from fruit starch and then fermented with lactic acid. These containers are ideal for fresh foods and drinks, like salads, sushi, and coffee. 

Are there any biodegradable trash bags?  

Another material we use is PBAT, a copolymer of aliphatic and aromatic compounds. This unique combination offers high biodegradability, weight resistance, and aromatic quality. It's important to note that PBAT has 0% plastic compostable property, making it an excellent choice for trash bag materials. Our bags are composed of 50% PBAT, 35% cornstarch, and 15% PLA. 

Now that you know the benefits of biodegradable and compostable disposables, consider choosing We Care as your product provider. We stand out in the market for our dedication to leaving a positive impact on the planet by improving disposable packaging solutions.  

Our products are not only based on 100% renewable natural materials but also have the ability to compost when discarded, ensuring a complete cycle of sustainability. We Care is your partner in making a difference. 

Together, we can make a difference.  

Choose compostable, choose We Care!  


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